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Over the years, we have grown and increased our presence to many locations to be near you and to serve you with outstanding dental care. Our team of dedicated dentists, dental nurses and staff work hard to give you the service that assure you to keep smiling with self-confidence.

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Hello, I’m Dr Raghav Kumar

GDC NO. 109987

A specialist orthodontist with a passion for educating others and enhancing his own knowledge. Raghav is at the cutting edge of orthodontic treatment and cosmetic smile makeovers.

Raghav is registered with the General Dental Council as a Specialist in Orthodontics. His special interests are Invisalign, digital smile design and lingual orthodontics. He is an active member of the specialty and has a strong passion for continuing education. He is also a member of the British Orthodontic Society.

After graduating with honours from dental school and receiving a doctorate in dental surgery, he was offered a position in the highly competitive orthodontics programme, and spent the next three years in full-time study completing his Master of Dental Science in Orthodontics. During the programme he was awarded the Postgraduate Clinical Award for the best clinical case submitted by orthodontic students.

Post-training, he was involved in acquisition of the most up-to-date techniques in Functional Occlusion under Roth Williams foundation USA.

Raghav has been training young dentists and orthodontists after their graduation in his practice and remains current on the latest dental and orthodontic advances by attending numerous continuing education courses and subscribing to relevant professional journals.
As a perpetual student of dentistry and the orthodontic speciality, Raghav provides the most current treatment techniques and is always integrating new research supported philosophies into his practice of the ever-changing field of orthodontics. Raghav uses Incognito, a completely customised lingual solution for patients who absolutely want the best looking, most accurate system available for the orthodontic industry.


Hello, I’m Dr Baz Bhandal

GDC NO. 60586

Baz is an experienced and sought-after cosmetic dentist who has been practicing for over 23 years. He is a long-standing member of the British Dental Association. Baz graduated from the University of Birmingham. He is compassionate and his patient chair-side manners are part of the reason that he has become a premier dentist and popular with his patients and colleagues.

Baz prides himself on staying current with the latest innovations in his chosen field, which means that his patients benefit from the best care currently available.

Since 1987, Baz has owned and run a group of dental practices. He has been involved in Foundation Training as an Educational Supervisor every year since 1995. In 2010, he gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education for Health Professionals. Baz has been encouraging all members of the dental team to further their learning and have supported many of nurses through their qualification in sedation nursing, radiography, orthodontics and impression taking. Baz gained a Diploma in Conscious Sedation in 2012 and an MSc in Oral Surgery in 2016. In 2017, he gained IACSD approval as a Clinical Supervisor for dental sedation experience leading to him running an independent practice.

We provide exceptional cosmetic dental care across the West Midlands

Regardless of whether you feel completely at ease when visiting a dentist or whether you are a more anxious patient, having one team at hand to take care of all your cosmetic dental needs can be comforting. We have several private dental surgeries In the West Midlands. This means that we are near to you. This also means that we have a depth of talent pool in dentistry that is difficult to match by other dental practices.

We offer a full spectrum of orthodontic treatments. Due to the large number of patients treated in our network of dental practices, we have attained the highest status of Diamond Provider for Invisalign

Though our emphasis is on providing cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry, we also provide general dental treatments to private patients to ensure that our patients can receive the full spectrum of private dental treatments from a single team of dedicated dental clinicians.

With all aspects of cosmetic and general dentistry covered, as well as more specific fields such as orthodontics, sedation and private emergency dentistry we are unique in offering a broad range of dental services.

Call us and book your first appointment with us to experience first-hand how well we can take care of your cosmetic dental needs.

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Our 3 Core Values

Our core values are ingrained in us and motivate us in our daily work to serve you with top-notch dentistry.


Everybody in our dental practice is passionate about dentistry. We just enjoy what we do. We believe that this gives us with the best opportunity to provide you with the finest quality of care, whether it is hospitality, customer support or the provision of clinical dentistry.


Your journey with us as a patient is important to us. To make sure every patient is cared about and is well looked after is our top priority. We treat our patients just like we would want ourselves to be treated. Such high expectations guarantee an unrivalled quality of dental treatment for you.


Quality is what matters to us. This is shown in the degree of care that we give, using all facets of cosmetic, orthodontic and specialist dental care to guarantee that your exact needs are satisfied, without compromise. We aim to exceed expectations to make sure that you get the most effective level of care.



    Invisalign is a virtually invisible way to align and straighten the teeth. Using advanced 3D computer aided technology, your complete projected treatment plan can be visualised before starting your treatment, so you can see the end result before beginning. Following this, a complete series of clear aligners can be made bespoke to your teeth and mouth moving them over a short period of time

    Each clear aligner must be worn for between one to two weeks before being replaced by the next aligner in the course of treatment, gradually moving towards the projected final planned position. The length of treatment time depends on the number of aligners and will be discussed specifically with your Invisalign dentist.


    Invisalign clear aligners move the teeth through a series of careful and controlled planned movements. Each aligner will move certain teeth in a particular pre-set sequence which will move the teeth accordingly over the course of treatment.


    Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and hardly noticeable when worn.

    As the aligners are removable, you can also eat and drink whatever you wish during the course of Invisalign by removing the aligners before a meal, which is not the case with fixed braces which may result in dietary restrictions.

    Oral hygiene can be easier to manage as the aligners needs to be removed when brushing and flossing.

    Brackets and wires are not used with Invisalign and as a result there is less appointments required to change these components compared to Invisalign which can reduce the amount of time taken off work to see the dentist to make these adjustments.


    Invisalign is a system which has been used for many years. but the technology has advanced and evolved to be able to treat a wider range of more challenging and complex tooth movements. The software enables you to see the treatment plan from the beginning of treatment until the end which gives you the confidence that your expectations will be met.


    The cost of invisalign can vary depending on the time taken and the extent of teeth movement required. Typically it can range from £2500 – £4000. However, if only minor movements of teeth are required, it can be less.

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